Incorporating Professional Development into your College Degree

When you have a BFA Design Degree from Eastern New Mexico University, your career options will include fields such as computer graphics, industrial design, and more. According to the federal government’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, these fields are growing. The field of Industrial Design alone is expected to add more than 10K jobs over the next 10 years. And that is only one of several fields with median hourly incomes of $22 (USD), and more available when you have completed ENMU’s BFA Design Degree Program.

Incorporating Professional Development into your College Degree - ENMU

About the BFA Design Degree

Perfect for individuals interested in careers in commercial advertising or illustration, computer graphic design, or video marketing, a BFA in Design includes a number of subjects, including art history, design theory, photography, photography, and practical applications such as web design and portfolio development. ENMU is proud of the diverse selection of degree programs available, and ENMU is certain that it has a program which is right for you. When you are ready, applying is easy.

About ENMU

As a physical presence, Eastern New Mexico University serves the southwestern region of the United States, but ENMU’s online study programs mean that students may attend from all over the country and abroad. ENMU’s bachelor degree and certificate programs are excellent ways to fast-start your career, and focusing on professional design and development helps you prepare for a field that is currently in high demand, and growing. ENMU is accredited by and accept previous credit and degree certifications from the Council for Higher Education Accreditation or CHEA.

Designed for Success

Eastern New Mexico University has a state of the art computer lab featuring 50 iMacs and Power Macs loaded with the optimum software bundles for the course curriculums. ENMU provides friendly, well lit studios and up to 50 hours a week of open studio time. Facilities include a darkroom, large green screen, and all the tools necessary to put your creativity to work.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

ENMU accepts Pell Grants, federal loans, military scholarships, and other types of grants and scholarships. If you qualify, an ENMU BFA Design program is financially available to you. If you are active military, military veteran, or the spouse of a veteran or active duty members, ENMU also have special military programs available to honor those who serve our country.

ENMU’s fully accredited facility is also among the 10 lowest cost tuition universities in the southwestern United States, with degree programs designed so that anyone can find time in their schedule. The next step is for you to get your ENMU admission underway.


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