10 Little Known Facts About Eastern New Mexico University


Eastern New Mexico University offers a plethora of benefits to students and the community. While it would be impossible to capture all of the University’s amazing facts in one post, here are 10 facts about ENMU that you might not have known:

  1. ENMU’s Master of Science in Communicative Disorders degree graduates have a 100% employment rate after graduation[1].
  2. ENMU’s enrollment has increased every year for 20 consecutive years[2].
  3. ENMU has 4 official social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat) and each academic department also has their own social media accounts[3].
  4. ENMU ranks in the top 10% of all 81 Southwestern institutions for lowest tuition costs[4].
  5. The student to faculty ratio at ENMU is 17:1, which is below the national average pf 18:1[5],[6].
  6. ENMU has 7 men’s athletic teams and 8 women’s athletic teams[7].
  7. ENMU has earned accreditation from 7 agencies, including accreditation from agencies like the National Association of Schools of Music, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, and the Council on Social Work Education (to name a few)[8].
  8. For over 43 years, ENMU has hosted the Annual Student Research Conference which is designed to showcase the incredible research projects undertaken by ENMU’s graduate and undergraduate students[9].
  9. ENMU offers over 90 undergraduate, graduate, and certificate programs from the University’s colleges[10].
  10. ENMU’s Office of Campus life supports over 50 on campus student organizations[11].

ENMU has a mission is to combine a traditional learning environment with 21st century technology to provide a rich educational experience with excellent teaching and active learning. ENMU emphasizes liberal learning, freedom of inquiry, cultural diversity and whole student life. With affordable tuition, evening classes as well as select online courses, ENMU offers an education that fits your lifestyle and puts your career goals within reach. Visit the ENMU website to learn more about Eastern New Mexico University.

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