4 Career Development Opportunities for BFA Majors


The Bachelor of Fine Arts is a flexible degree with a focus on teaching students modern skills to compete in the real world economy. Students are exposed to a variety of techniques, career paths, and industries so that they graduate ready to pursue their professional goals. Outside of the curriculum, Eastern New Mexico University also offers professional development opportunities for BFA majors. Here are four such opportunities that you may not have heard about:

#1: Dallas Industry Tour

Each year, ENMU hosts an annual student trip to Dallas to introduce BFA Design students to industry professionals who are running successful businesses. Students get the opportunity to interact, ask questions, and learn from leaders at successful design firms such as Brand Hatchery, Caliber Creative, TM Advertising, and more.

#2 Design Conferences

Each year, ENMU’s Department of Art hosts an amazing design conference, called Pixel 2 Paper, as an additional opportunity for students to intermingle with industry professionals. ENMU works extremely hard to bring real industry veterans to the conference like Lucas Aragon (ENMU alumnus and design director for ABC Television), Danielle Aldritch (designer at Matchbox Studio), and Tony Rodriguez (illustrator for Rolling Stone).

#3 Design Competitions

Put your design skills to the test with ENMU’s monthly design competition, Command X. While this competition is open to all majors, design majors are encouraged to enter to test their newfound skills in a competitive (yet supportive!) environment. At the start of the competition, each student is presented with a mystery project and is given three hours to complete the challenge. Projects are reviewed by guest judges and a winner is crowned each month. Good luck!

#4 Student Organizations

The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) has officially recognized ENMU’s AIGA student group. As a part of this organization, students are offered professional development opportunities in the form of social events, fundraising, and other career-oriented programs.

Eastern New Mexico University offers dedicated faculty who are committed to academic excellence and emphasize liberal learning, freedom of inquiry, and cultural diversity. With affordable tuition and flexible course schedules we offer an education that fits your lifestyle and puts your career goals within reach. Visit our website to learn more about ENMU.


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