Two ENMU Graduates Discuss Student Support Services


Student success is a key part of Eastern New Mexico University’s mission. Student’s benefit from small class sizes, supportive counselors, and accomplished professors as well as a myriad of student support services offered by the university. For many students, these unparalleled support services were crucial in achieving a successful outcome. In this post, we’ll highlight the support experiences of two recent graduates from ENMU’s College of Business.

Kylie Katalinich ’17 – Business Administration

For Kylie, graduating from ENMU was the happiest day of her life. After battling with the emotional challenge of losing her uncle, aunt, and mother while studying at ENMU, Kylie turned to the school’s support system for help. In a recent piece for ENMU student success news, Kyle talks about how she leveraged the community to get her to graduation day. “So many professors and colleagues were understanding and helpful during some trying moments of my life,” Kylie stated. She later goes on to list some of her biggest supporters, “College of Business, the College of Fine Arts, the Department of Languages and Literature and Susan Larson, the director of Counseling and Career Services.”

Jerome Aguilar ’17 – Business Administration

Jerome’s ENMU experience was no straight line. Jerome worked hard to complete his first three years at ENMU, but he struggled and left ENMU after his third year. Eventually, with the support of his community, family, and staff at ENMU, Jerome returned to complete his business degree. He recalled in an ENMU news report, “I chose ENMU because the people here care about my success,” said Jerome.  “From recruiters to instructors, everyone is here to help you get to where you want to be.” Jerome now hopes to earn his MBA from ENMU and start his own business someday.

As New Mexico’s largest regional comprehensive university, ENMU offers students more than 90 undergraduate, graduate and certificate options. The ENMU campuses present a diverse student body made up of individuals of all ages, backgrounds, interests and points of view. With affordable tuition and flexible course schedules, ENMU offers an education that fits your lifestyle and puts your career goals within reach.  Visit the ENMU website to learn more about Eastern New Mexico University.



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