Eastern New Mexico University Addresses National Nursing Shortage


As the baby boomer generation moves into their twilight years, their need for medical care will grow. Today, the effects of this increased demand for health care is already manifesting in the field of nursing. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that over 500,000 new nurses will be needed to fill the gaps left by attrition and to fill roles created by growth1. Colleges and universities are the predominant bottleneck because they cannot expand fast enough to keep up with the demand from students and the industry.

ENMU has created a 21st century nursing program which leverages technology to provide a rich and effective educational experience. Eastern is a state institution which offers two, four and graduate degree programs both on campus and also online through an interactive distance education program. Eastern New Mexico University is in a unique position to solve this healthcare challenge.

Introducing the ENMU Nursing program

The ENMU Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) program is a fully accredited two-year online program offering students the unique opportunity to earn a master-level degree at their convenience. The degree was designed to prepare a student for a career as a nursing instructor at both two- and four-year nursing programs. The goal of this program is to address the nursing shortage by providing nursing school’s nationwide with a supply of highly educated nursing instructors.

The MSN program consists of 36 credit hours designed to be completed over a two year period Students will learn how to design their own nursing curricula, undertake qualitative and quantitative research, and how to uphold examine and uphold nursing ethics and health policy standards.

Eastern New Mexico University offers dedicated faculty who are committed to academic excellence and emphasize liberal learning, freedom of inquiry and cultural diversity. With affordable tuition and flexible course schedules, ENMU offers an education that fits your lifestyle and puts your career goals within reach. Visit the ENMU website to learn more about what ENMU can do for you.


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